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This site started as a kind of fan page for the "The Psychedelic- Screensaver" by Synthesoft for Windows 9*/NT/00/XP, so here are some classical "modules" I've made for it. The screensaver itself is shareware and can be downloaded here or via the Download section. A click on the thumbnail-images sends the modules to you. You can find all modules on the Download page. Unzip them. Choose "The Psychedelic Screensaver" as your default screensaver. After that go to "screensaver/configure" and select "Edit Displays". Right click in the "saved displays"-windows and import the chosen *.psy files.

Red dream - Psychedelic Screensaver module Red Dream Disco lights - Psychedelic Screensaver module Disco Lights
Plasmascope - Psychedelic Screensaver module Plasmascope Op-Art 1 - Psychedelic Screensaver module Op-Art 1
Op-Art 2 - Psychedelic Screensaver module Op-Art 2 70's wallpaper - Psychedelic Screensaver module 70s Wallpaper
Bird's eye - Psychedelic Screensaver module Birds Eye Escher - Psychedelic Screensaver module Escher 1

Kinemorphic 3-D Screensaver Modules

The same company that makes "The Psychedelic- Screensaver" for Windows 9*/NT/00 has also other groovy screensavers. One of it, "The Kinemorphic 3-D Screensaver", can be build up with own modules too. Again, this screensaver is shareware and can be downloaded here. Down there you'll find some user contributed modules by Guus Crone. Click on a thumbnail image to start the download. Please refer to your "Kinemorphic 3-D Screensaver" manual how to import them.

 super psychedelic 1
 Super Psychedelic 1

 super psychedelic 2
 Super Psychedelic 2

 super psychedelic 3
 Super Psychedelic 3

 super psychedelic 4
 Super Psychedelic 4

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