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Here are some pretty cool links, not all are psychedelic. All links are hand picked. Try them:

Psychedelic Links:

  • presents a mind-bending selection of swankadelic sounds from the hidden caverns of the underground.-
  • Eternatease Studio Homepage, more cool graphics & tons of psychedelic links.
  • The Psychedelic Screensaver homepage. A highly configurable light synthesizer that generates an astounding variety of shifting, undulating patterns
  • UNCLE BUZZ! Psychedelexperimental music and art from Texas and around the world. Sound sample downloads in Real Audio, an art gallery, band links, plus a far-out catalog of cds, comics, and vinyl.
  • The database of psychedelic rock music. Get infos and contribute to the cyberdelic hyperspace.
  • pooters psychedelic shack - dedicated to..Psychedelia, Acid Rock, Progressive Rock, Garage Bands, 60s Punk, Freakbeat, wig-lifting rarities, books, posters, lightshows and other STRANGE items related to pSycheDelic music.
  • SOLIS - An exploration of the compact dimensions. Free psychedelic abstract and 3-d rendered i-mages.
  • The Silicon Mirror & Kaleidoscope reflects portions of any image that you select to create psychedelic effects.
  • - The largest psychedelic portal on the planet. Definitely worth a visit !
  • Technicolor Web of Sound - 60s Psychedelic Web Radio.
  • All about Krautrock, German progressive & artrock.
  • Universoulightform A Visual Arts Laboratory dedicated to bringing you collectible psychedelic lightshow art.
  • PsYcHeDeLiC MuSiC from the sixties including Krautrock, Euro-Psych & lesser known Psych bands. Online gallery of rare record covers.
  • Trippervision a video experience consisting of nonstop, imaginative, and beautiful consciousness-expanding psychedelic visuals.
  • Anodyne - A Drog on Blugs Strong medicine for a weak constitution / Head Films From The Early 1970s.
  • Astral Visuals Mind expanding visual effects, 3d-animations and virtual reality.
  • Rainbow Puddle Original SF style Liquid Light, digital psychedelic graphics and video.
  • All about Timothy Leary and other psychedelic resources.
  • UK Hippy The UK's newest website for building counter culture awareness.
  • Nativos Enciclopedia Cosmica - an alternative, psychedelic & underground publication for arts, culture, psychedelic lifeways, music, chamanism, literature. Spanish & English content.
  • Dark Lord Rob's American Entropy Psychedelic music, the Miskatonic Acid Test, chilling novels, fun and psyched-out adventure.
  • Psychotropic Pump-o-Matic A meeting place for psychonauts and other users of psychoactive substances.
  • Adrian The Ageing Hippy Good stuff for all us old flower-children, drop-outs, long-hairs, tree-huggers and hobbit-lovers..
  • Imposter Lobster Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii, fractals, ferrofluid fun.
  • Psychedelic 100 - Home Pad Hippie-era albums from 1966-1969. Short reviews based on a statistical surveys.
  • Baby Boomer Rock and Roll Band discographies / song lyrics / Hippie stories / MP3 downloads.

Psychedelic Trance Goa Techno:

  • An international psychedelic trance site. Events, reviews, photos, related links and much more. The Psychedelic Chaishop.
  • Psychedelic Mind Expander - Everything about psytrance you wanna know.
  • Pit Stop Party - psy-trance party in germany.
  • is becoming a big part of the underground techno culture on the web.
  • European goatrance and Dutch goatrance resource, flyers, free real audio mixes and mailinglist.
  • Merryspace - Goa & Psychedelic Trance in Germany.
  • Goa dataBase provides extensive psychedelic party information, a community, forums, messaging, meeting points and discussion of upcoming events.
  • Psychedelic Planet :: Gathering the global psy-culture of music and art.
  • TranceProject is an Encyclopedic Database maintains by Trance and Psychedelic-Trance music user's community.
  • is a reliable source of information for Austrian psytrancers - all the information for the party crowd.
  • Loopmasters Pro loops and samples, royalty free sample CDs, sample downloads for producers and DJs worldwide, free preview loops.
  • Club-T-Shirts Original T-shirts. Psychedelic, nightclub, Trance, House, Rave, Techno, Dj's T-shirts.

Psychedelic Bands:

  • The CRAZY FINGERS BAND has been performing to satisfied crowds throughout Florida since 1991.
  • indidginus - organic drum and didgeridoo meets electronic voodoo. A nicely made Flash-website with downloadable tracks.
  • Like an ominous cloud, Mountain Mirrors burst over the world of psychedelic music with a new sound called Zen Rock - influenced by nature and the supernatural..
  • The Misunderstood - *The* USA/UK psychedelic legend. MP3 downloads, movie material.
  • The Pillbugs The worlds most psychedelic bands. Nice page with lots of MP3s, videos, lyrics, pics
  • Acid Guitar King Pennsylvanian Trip-Rock Guitarist Mike"AcidGuitarKing"Wingate. Free MP3's.
  • Psychedelic Rock Musician Nick Riff featuring MP3's from his new album Magick Museum.
  • Gothrixus - One Man, One Project, Various Sounds --- Electro - Industrial - Psychedelic

Psychedelic Shopping (Head Shops, Herbs, Hemp, Tools, Gear):

  • Dr. Bongs Cannabis Emporium. Everything for the smoker.
  • Psychedelic Rainbow - offers Hippie and Jam Band merchandise, museum quality reproduction native american crafts and artifacts, psychedelic goods, jewelry, and earth friendly products.
  • Chills and Thrills Smart/Head Shop. Your psychedelic internet shop.
  • Connoisseur's Corner - Purveyors of high quality mushrooms, philosophers stone & other truffles.
  • Natural Spirit Experience - Spiritwear with wonderful unique T-shirt designs, party cotton posters.
  • Happy Smoke Shack Herbal buds, herbal concentrates, Herboponic, legal bud combinations and herbal smoke products.
  • Tribal Voice - Funky clothes, gifts, ethnic crafts, psychedelic shirts   other goodies for expanded minds.
  • GrowHigh Choose from a wide selection of products ranging from bongs to tobacco pipes, skins, scales, books, tins, grinders & other cannabis related items.
  • is the world's No.1 name for top quality, guaranteed cannabis seeds.
  • Ali Bongo Online Headshop - A warm and red-eye welcome awaits you at Ali Bongo!
  • Head&Nature Headshop Growshop - Everything about bongs, pipes, and smoking devices.
  • The Tie Dye Gypsy Grateful Dead, 420 & fantasy items such as bandanas, fine tapestries, posters, buttons, stickers & patches.
  • Myco-Works: Find complete mushroom grow kits, sterilized substrate and casing soil here. We also have grow chambers, incubators, gloveboxes and more. Grow Mushrooms the Easy Way.
  • Symbolika is the psychedelic expression of the designer Fabian. His compositions are printed on shirts, bags, pants, lampshades and posters.

Retro, 60s & 70s Arts, Design & Lifestyle Shopping:

  • Flavor Paper This small handscreened wallpaper company flourished in the Age of Aquarius, brought back to life today with updated patterns and colorways.
  • Classic modern retro 60's and 70's design in lighting, textiles, rugs, ceramics and glass, fashion, plastics and metalware.
  • OpOrb Gallery of Modern Decor & Art. Specialized in: Retro Decor, 1950's, 1960's, Space Age, Danish, Swedish, Vintage, Eames Era, Art Deco, Op Art, Pop Art, Art Glass & more.
  • Groovy Candies - We have taken all the great candies from the 50's and the 60's.
  • Woodstock Candy & Fudge - offers fudge and retro candy gift boxes with nostalgic candy from Woodstock.
  • Candy Favorites - One of the oldest candy wholesalers in the nation and specialized in retro and nostalgic candy.
  • Decorate your home with original 70's wallpaper at Wallpaper from the 70s..
  • Seventies Design - A collection of 70's pictures: Cars, Fashion, Film and TV, Furniture, Houses, Interiors, Art.
  • New psychedelic link Urbin Retro Design Vintage, Space-Age, Pop Art furniture and accessoires.

Garage Music, Beat, 60s & 70s Punk:

  • Trans-World '60s Punk "Cutie Morning Moon". Many, many garage music links, really great !
  • A whole lot of 50s-80s garage, psych, punk and trash links at Bomp-Records.
  • - All about Punk, Grunge, Doom, Sludge & fuzzed out 70s Groove.

Internet Radio, Streaming Media & Broadcasting:

  • Beyond the Beat Generation broadcasts 24 hours non-stop through the Internet the music formerly known as: Hippie music, Underground, 60's punk, Flower Power, Mod.
  • Radio Free Phoenix - Free form underground rock with over 8.000 songs and growing.
  • Kosmik Radiation is a radio program dedicated to heavy, psychedelic, progressive and underground music from the 2nd half of the 20th century.
  • Power & Control LSD in The Sixties A streaming video documentary series including Groucho Marx on LSD, LSD's role in the Anti-War & Protest Movement...
  • The Lost 45s with Barry Scott features Top 40 charted records from the late 60s, 70s and 80s that no longer receive adequate airplay!
  • Dien FM - a psychedelic web radio.

Records, Videos & Movies:

  • The Freak Emporium your one-stop on-line shop for the best in psychedelia, progressive, Kraut Rock, stoner, '60s and '70s music.
  • BEAT BEHIND THE DYKES - RECORDS BY MAIL. Specializing in worldwide beat, garage, mod & psych records from the mid- to late well as in 70s/80s punk, mod & powerpop vinyl.
  • The VIDEO BEAT! - 50s & 60s Rock n Roll, HotRod, Teen Exploitation, Beach, Hippie Movies.
  • Worldwide online mailorder shop for psychedelic trance music on cd and vinyl.
  • Saiko Sounds is specialized in psychedelic trance, progressive trance, ambient, dub and chillout music.
  • Mailorder for psychedelic music, soundtracks, exotica never-before-seen reissues.
  • Psychedelic Storm Obscure records, original vinyl & albums - LP's from the 60s and 70s.
  • Psychedelic Records releases Rock, Pop, R&B, and Electronic Music (in the styles of Dance, Psy-Trance, Epic Trance, House, GOA, and Chill.)
  • Active Neo Psy Recordings - Psy - Goa - Trance label & artists
  • The Now Sound - Garage-Beat, Mod & more. Home of Misty Lane & Teen Sound record labels & Misty Lane Magazine
  • Sych Music Record Store Original 60's & 70's Psychedelic, Garage, Progressive and Acid folk vinyl LP's.

Free Stuff:

  • Have a website ? Visit Mediabuilder ! Online animated banner generator, non-psychedelic web-backgrounds, free TT-fonts & much more.
  • Psychedelic and mostly celebrity Wallpaper Thumbnails.
  • Top Graphics & Clipart Sites. Don't be disappointed by 'US only' offers ever again. iFree is your source of quality international free stuff. Updated daily!
  • Phlebotomy Online Graphic Tools - Create banners, text, buttons, icons, ribbons - instantly.
  • The Sounds Of The Internet Midi Archive - Links to wave, classic rock & some 60's/70's Midi files.
  • TME Free Wallpaper - Desktop Wallpaper - Computer Screensavers - Free eCards.
  • Nancys Farout, Funky Webgraphix - Lots of 60s & hippie cliparts & animated GIFs.
  • Best Wallpapers The best free desktop wallpaper galleries of many categories.
  • Cool Hot Links Your ultimate guide to the coolest and hottest fun, images, art, bands links.

Retro Sites:

Occult, Historical, Spiritual & Metaphysical Links:

  • Abaxion . Your source for new age, occult and metaphysical books, ritual items, supplies, and so much more !
  • Medieval Macabre. Supernatural and Fantastic Imagery of the Middle Ages.
  • RealMagick is a resource and library dedicated to fostering research and sharing of knowledge in areas deemed beyond the purview of standard science.
  • Boudicca's Bard. The Electronic Centre for the Esoteric. You'll find lots of articles on Asatru, magick, Wicca, Astrology, Kabbala, martial arts, etc.
  • The Hermetics Resource Site. Online western esoterica library, link list from alchemy to voodoo and more.
  • The Mother Goddess - A resource for all Pagan paths, a growing articles section, an online magazine, a regular email newsletter, Pagan discussion and Pagan Internet search.
  • The Dark Moon - Magickal supplies for the Pagan and New Age community.
  • Great resources on magic(k), Wicca, yoga, astrology, healing and much more.

Art & Artists Links:

  • beinArt Underground Australian Art Collective - underground Australian surrealism, freelance commission artist, obsessive compulsive drawings.
  • Nemo's Utopia A lot of neo-psychedelic images from posters to ambidextrous performance paintings...
  • Sacred Light Studio The works of Mark Henson - Art of conscious evolution.
  • Cosmica Design - Digital art, interactive movies, web design, experimental design, deco, and multisensorial art installations, focused on psychedelic transdimentional visual experiences.
  • Fractopolis - New Fractal Studios Fractal desktop backgrounds, zooming movies, posters & a free fractal screensaver.
  • - Psychedelic Realms and Fantasy Dreamworlds of Visionary Poster Artist Jeff Hopp.
  • Psychedelic Art Fluoro-Psychedelic art by Robbie. Party and Expo photo gallery and Blacklight Poster Shop.
  • Psychedelic Art Gallery by different artist. Public gallery - upload your pictures and psychedelicize them.
  • The Surreal & Visionary Art Forum The largest resource of its kind on the web. Including a massive surreal artist link gallery.
  • The Surreal & Positive Psychedelic ART Max Blackmore's surrealistic draw art.
  • Psygarden Art Galleries An psychedelic & surrealistic art collective featuring over 100 artists from all continents.
  • Light Mandalas Peter J Gorman's stained glass mosaic mandalas.
  • Syonix Alien Taste - Psychedelic artwork.
  • Psychedelic Surreal Artwork done by Bill.
  • Free Psychedelic Wallpaper - Bright and colorful fractal designs for your desktop or myspace backgrounds.
  • Shangrila Times A Psychedelic Free World Publication.

Unusual Books:

  • New Falcon Publications. Many consider us publishers of "rebellious" and "counter-culture" material. We couldn't agree more.
  • Magus Books & Herbs. The Internet's largest catalog focused on books and ritual supplies for spiritual seekers.
  • Black Sunshine Books A collection of books relating to entheogons, psychedelics, shamanism and more.
  • Graham Sclater s first novel Ticket to Ride reveals the actuality of living and playing in Hamburg during the 1960s.
  • Jimi Hendrix turns Eighty Tim Sandlin's new novel complete with sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Internet Security & Privacy Links:

  • MultiProxy is a multifunctional personal proxy server that protects your privacy while on the Internet as well as speeds up your downloads.
  • Get rid of spyware now ! Download Ad-aware. A free multi spyware removal utility.
  • Surf in privacy with Megaproxy. Accelerated Anonymous Web Proxy Solutions.
  • the Cloak - free anonymous web surfing.
  • Guardster's FREE Webproxy - visit websites anonymously.
  • Surf without a trace and send anonymous e-mail for free.
  • Spyware-Guide A searchable database of spyware applications.
  • Adware, Spyware and Advertising Trojans - Info & Removal Procedures
  • Privacy Power !Slightly older quoted materials from other websites & newsgroups.
Note: The free anonymous surfing sites seems to change and close down service permanently. The new links above still works. If you're running "no pop-up windows" software anonymous rewebbing will not work.

Other Groovy & Weird Links:

  • Stay informed whats happening around you ! Who is watching you ? An info-page for a paranoid worldview.
  • Boing Boing digital, a directory for happy mutants.
  • Armegalo Jelly - Multimedia as fun. Psych-o-delic screensavers, funny small games, trippy graphics, music downloads and more.
  • Alyx Macfadyen - This site provides gateways to free or low cost Information and Design resources. Scholars, the academic community, the merely curious and seekers of obscure information are users of this site.
  • Webmasters Links -'s link collection of webmasters tools & helpers.
  • The wonderful world of Larry Carlson - enjoy all the cool high powered multimedia by the master of digital illusion !

Please report any dead or broken links !

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